Thursday, January 17, 2008

Conflicting Desires

Last night Marco slept in his bed until 5am. Now, in theory I want Marco to sleep in his bed all night. This is my dream. But there is another side of me that misses him snuggling with me.

Last night I went and saw The Business of Being Born with Jen. (Great movie, I highly recommend it.) In any case, Marco had a babysitter and she put him to bed. So, he was sleeping when I got home. Lately he has been waking up approximately every two hours. Either we put him back to bed or we are already in bed and he comes in our room and joins us. Last night I woke up at 3am... no Marco. Seriously, I panicked. I had to go check on him. He was fine of course. I couldn't get back to sleep for more than an hour. I considered going and getting him, but thought that was ridiculous. I finally fell back asleep and he got up around 5am and came and slept with us for a couple of more hours.

Eventually, I am sure we will both get use to sleeping in our own beds all night without each other.

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