Friday, January 18, 2008

A Few Observations

I thought I would jot down some things Marco has been doing lately.

He pretends to go to sleep. He will lay down somewhere, close his eyes, and fake snore. I don't even know how he figured out snoring goes with sleep, but he does this frequently.

Marco has always been very good about not crying every time he gets a little bump or scrape. Well, he has started mildly complaining about little hurts, but I can kiss it and he is fine. For example, yesterday he stepped on a toy or something fell on his foot. He whined a little and then stuck his foot in my face. I kissed it and he went on his merry way.

He really enjoys putting money in piggy banks. He asks for more and more money when he does this. I think he particularly likes the piggy bank Laura & Jeff got him that plays It's a Small World when you put money in it.

He knows what the good stuff is now. You can't leave crackers on the counter because if he sees them all he will say is cracker, cracker, cracker until he gets them. If they are to be seen during a mealtime, forget about it. No meat or peas please, I only have eyes for crackers. He even knows that often there are crackers in his diaper bag, so he will start tearing that apart to find crackers. Yesterday we went to Gymboree and while walking to the car he was waving at a woman in a cookie store. She told him to come in and he obliged. She gave him a cookie. (He gets so much free food, it's ridiculous. Today a woman gave him a clementine.) Today we walked by the same place, but this time I was carrying him. He was pointing saying eat? eat? Also today we got some lunch. He had water and I had a soda. He asked for water and so I gave him some. Then he asked for more and I tried to give him some more and he said no and pointed to my cup.

Lately he has been learning his colors, but everything is yellow. If you ask him what color something is, he ALWAYS responds yellow. Then if you say blue, red, whatever, he will then repeat that correct color. I think this is because he likes the way yellow feels when he says it. You have to stick out your tongue and then make an o face. Try it, it is a fun word to say.

By the way, he said bye as soon as I stopped recording, very typical.

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Nicole said...

Yellow! :-) I love this!!! I can't wait to play with him in person!