Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recent Quotes

Here are some things Marco has told me recently:

"Sometimes you are a great mom, but sometimes you aren't a great mom."  True, but this was in response to me not letting him watch TV.

We went to a friend's house for a quick stop one night.  Marco was in his PJs because he had already taken a bath.  I am getting him out of the car and he looks at me and says "Mom, why aren't you wearing your pajamas?"  I told him it was because I hadn't taken a bath.

He has started burping an incredible amount.  I find this extremely irritating.  I keep telling him to stop.  His recent response was.  "I'll try to stop, but I'll just keep doing it."

While driving he asked "Are we still in the world that we are?"  I just said yes.

Recently he has been insisting that his last name has a silent E in it.  I keep telling him it doesn't, that you pronounce the E in Torre.  Well, he showed me what a silent E is and what he means is a lower case E.  I told him as much and he kept insisting it was a silent E.  Finally he yells at me.  "No, it is a silent E.  My teachers are smarter than you!"  And this was followed up with "I am very angry with you."

Marco: "Do you remember when I broke the light in there?"  while pointing to the office.
Me: "Yes"
Marco: "That was when I was three years old.  Three year olds are very curious.  And they break things."


SweetHarmony said...

This is so cute! I'm sure it must be irritating at times, the burping, and him getting angry, but at least you can laugh at it! My son has just turned 1 and I can hardly wait to hear all the words of wisdom he has to say! (although in a year I might write to you again and say "MAKE IT STOP! HE WONT SHUT UP!!") :)

The Bookworm said...

Adorable :D

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