Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Madness

This morning I woke up before both the kids.  I thought I would try to sneak in a shower.  Marco woke up before I could, so I told him to stay in bed, make sure Chiara didn't fall out, and DON'T WAKE HER UP!  Fast forward 10 minutes and she is crying.  I peek out to see why and Marco is sitting over her with a flashlight shining in her face.  I yell at him and quickly finish my shower.  He later admits he did wake her up.

Marco then runs off to the kitchen.  I am trying to brush my teeth and he starts yelling, "I peed on my shirt!"  I tell him to take it off and just wait in the bathroom.  I go in the bathroom and he explains he was making a waffle (kudos) and then he had to pee real bad and didn't make it in time.  We clean him up and head to the kitchen.

Chair is in front of the fridge for freezer access and freezer is closed.  Yay, success!  Eggos are still out, so I explain he has to put the rest back in the freezer.  He asks me to get him a plate, so I hand him his waffle.  He asks me if we have mustard.  I exclaim "Mustard!?" and he says he means syrup.  I decide since he was so self sufficient in making his breakfast, I will let him put the syrup on by himself.  I am getting Chiara's bottles ready for day care and I turn and shriek "STOP!" as I witness a waffle drowning in a sea of syrup.  A few minutes later he says he is done (1/4 of waffle eaten) and he needs some water.

We continue to prepare for the day.  He puts his socks on upside down, which may not be a problem, but the traction part is now on top.  I tell him to try again and he says he will wait until I help him.  A few minutes later, I help him.  "Why is your foot sticky?" (Hoping it isn't pee that I missed.) "Syrup."  Of course.

Get to school.  Marco pulls off his hat and jacket and I realize I forgot to brush his hair (oh well) and his teeth (oops).  As I am leaving, Chiara spits up all over me.

Oh and last night, Alessandro found his car keys in Marco's nightstand.  He still won't tell us why he took them and hid them.  His only explanation is that he is mad at dad for finding them.

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