Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

This morning I kept Marco home from school to watch the Inauguration of our 44th president. At first he thought it was neat and liked seeing all the people. You can imagine how quickly his interest faded though. I had the tv on for about 30 minutes before the actual oath and Marco was driving me nuts. I kept suggesting he go play with certain toys, he would for a few minutes and then end up right back over to me talking or climbing on me. At some point he brought me some books that make music and kept pressing buttons. This was during the benediction and I was having a hard time hearing and told him to go play somewhere else and threw the books across the room. Well, that really got a response!

"Mommy, we don't throw books! I'm going to lock you in your room and you get a time out!"

I said ok... I have a tv in my room and wouldn't mind the peace and quiet myself. So, Marco took me to my room, glared at me and said "I'm going to watch Obama!" and slammed the door. He really showed me!


Nicole said...

This makes me so proud of your for raising such an awesome little boy!

Now go to your room! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I have the best nephew... I like his style, rules are rules mommy... I've been telling everyone about the 'who's the president?' 'Obama! Yaaay!' video from November. -Dan

Cristiana said...

Ciao Ale, Heidi come state?
Volevamo dirvi che siamo strafelici anche noi per l'avvento del nuovo Presidente OBAMONE!!!
Grazie per gli Auguri di Natale, come al solito noi ve li facciamo con un mese di ritardo.
Un bacio super a MARCO e a voi.
Claudio Cristiana Ale e Simone