Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It seems like the younger generations are always more technologically advanced than their elders. Marco has already started exhibiting his flair for all things electronic.

Friday, he somehow managed to change the settings on our sprinklers and set one of the sprinklers to go off for approximately 3 hours. I woke up Saturday and noticed the sprinkler in the front yard was running. It isn't programmed to run on Saturdays. Then I noticed that there was an awful lot of water around, like it had been running for a very long time. I think by the time we got up it had been running for about an hour to an hour and a half.

Also this weekend, Marco was sitting at the computer playing with the mouse. I told him to come into the family room because I had to put his shoes on. He responded, "No mommy, I'm working." Oh, so sorry to disturb you.

After I got back on the computer, I realized he had managed to change some setting so that every time I clicked a link on a web page, it opened up a new browser window, even if I specifically told it not to! That one seemed to go away after a restart at least.

I don't know, perhaps I have a future hacker on my hands.

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Nicole said...

You should just give him some real work to do! You are not looking at this the right way. Give him access to balance your accounts, etc. ;-)
Child labor rules!!!