Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Heart the Internet

Tonight we had another first. Marco stuck a piece of dried fruit up his nose.

While that sinks in, I will describe the circumstances. It is 7:30 at night. Marco is in his pjs ready to go to bed and having a quick snack of some dried fruit. We are busily trying to prepare for our trip to Uncle Brian's wedding because of course we aren't packed yet and have a million things to do. I ask Alessandro if he can brush Marco's teeth and finish getting him ready for bed and then I will put him to bed. That is about when Marco asks me to get it out and says he has a sneeze. He always says he has a sneeze if his nose is stuffed or something, but has never asked to get it out before. So, I wipe his nose and then look inside and I see the fruit. But let's not panic yet.

For about AN HOUR we tried with an aspirator and an assortment of other things to pull this thing out of his nose. We call the pediatrician who tells us to try tweezers or take him to urgent care. We don't trust ourselves enough with the tweezers (its not like he was cooperating), so we are fully panicking at this point and decide to first head to the drug store/pharmacy and see if we can get a better aspirator and if that doesn't work we figure we will go to the hospital. There goes any possibility of sleep tonight.

The pharmacist suggests trying to flush it out with water and we get a new aspirator and head home. When we arrive home, Alessandro starts warming up the water and gets prepared to flush Marco's nose out. Meanwhile Marco is screaming that he doesn't want water and won't let me take his shirt off. That is when I gave up and sat down at the computer. I believe I typed in "How to get something out of a kid's nose" and I got the most wonderful piece of advice.

Sit the child on your lap, close the clear nostril, open the child's mouth and blow really hard into their mouth.

It popped right out! And Marco laughed! He thought it was funny! And we were so close to taking him to the ER. You have no idea the relief that poured over us. Marco was in bed by 9pm. He has already fallen asleep and of course we are not packed and still have a million things to do, but at least we aren't at the hospital. I love the internet.


Nicole said...

I hope you are laughing about this as much as I am this morning! OMG!
The internet is an amazing tool and kids make for much entertainment.

I pray you got things pulled together for your trip! Hugs!

tracy said...

lordyloo! have a great weekend at the wedding.

Karin said...

Heh heh. Thank goodness for the internet :) Glad to see that your trip was good.