Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Travel, But No Vacation

We went to Portland for the 4th and I have some advice for those of you considering traveling with a two year old. Don't.

If you insist on not following my advice then at least buy a sticker book. We had one of these for the plane trip back and they are very useful.

Marco had a great time with the Grandparents and Uncle Joey and Uncle Brian and Uncle Dan and Uncle Ben and Aunt Becky. We may have pictures, I don't even know. I didn't take any, but I think Alessandro had the camera.

I also enjoyed seeing everyone, but I do not enjoy sleeping in a bed with Marco. I never did get a good night sleep, so I came home more tired than when I left and my back hurts. (Bitch and moan, I know.)

Alessandro and I did get to have breakfast together at Elmer's on Friday and went letterboxing on Saturday.

One funny tidbit, the last time we were in Portland, it snowed on Christmas. We went out the front door of my dad's house to play in the snow (usually we go in and out of the side door). When we got to my dad's on Friday, Marco went to the front door and "Go outside, play in the snow?" We were all stunned by his memory of this.

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tracy said...

That's funny. We are back East right now and Veronica asked when we're going to dig a path to go sledding. The kids' memories are better than mine! P.S. I agree about the Kleen vs. Klean!!