Thursday, July 3, 2008

Open Your Eyes!

Marco sees things a little differently this the rest of us old and jaded adults.

When you look inside a flashlight, what do you see? Since you have no imagination, you probably see a light bulb. Marco will tell you it is actually an egg.

This? This is a camera.

When you wash the windows in your car, it is raining. And don't try to convince him otherwise!

Often when we are driving, Marco swears he sees a cow or a turtle or something else equally fascinating.

Marco is actually at a very fun age right now. He gets very excited about things. For example, we recently went to Disneyland and he knows we are there as soon as we get off the freeway. He starts "seeing" Mickeys right away. "Right there! Right there!" When we take the tram ride from the car, he points out every Mickey on top of every light post. The last time we went to Disneyland, as soon as we got off the tram he was pointing at everything and exclaiming. "Look, Mickey!" "Donald!" "Daisy!" Then we passed a rack of sunglasses and he screamed "GLASSES!" Things you perhaps find mundane are reasons to celebrate for Marco.


Nicole said...

Amber will swear to you when she lands at LAX that she too sees Mickey! So it does not grow out of all of us!

This is the greatest post!!!

oh, my word verification is viola...which made me think of cellos and them NOT having babies!!!

Mom said...

I still find the whole cello babies thing very disturbing. Here is an episode synopsis from IMDB:

"The Little Einsteins are in Cremona, Italy, the birthplace of some of the world's finest stringed instruments. The team is just in time to see a family of baby cellos hatching from their cases. But oh no! The last baby cello case gets washed away down the Po River! The team blasts off to rescue the lost baby, but when Baby Cello hatches, he doesn't know who his mommy is. As Quincy teaches the baby more and more about cellos, Baby Cello makes some wacky mistakes in his quest to find his mommy. Is that long-necked giraffe his mommy? How about that stringy spaghetti in the pasta restaurant? When Baby Cello finally finds his mother, Mommy Cello has a long neck, strings, and a wooden bridge. She is a beautiful and happy musical instrument, just like her baby!"