Friday, March 28, 2008

Gosh, mommy. Thanks!

Marco's communication skills seem to be increasing exponentially. And he says the funniest things.

Wednesday evening Liz and Vickie came over and they brought Marco a birthday present. He was already in bed so they had me open it. One of the gifts was a blow up baseball, bat and tee. That night Alessandro blew up the ball and bat. In the morning Marco saw it on the table, so I gave it to him and he responded "Gosh, mommy. Thanks!"

He likes to bother Yette. He brings him unopened cans of food and sometimes just climbs on the couch to get a reaction out of Yette. This morning Yette was on the bed and Marco started to climb up. He saw Yette and Marco started going "ffffftt, fffftt" kind of like when Yette starts getting upset and spits at Marco.

A few days ago he was calling Piper and saying outside (he was outside) and when Piper finally came, he shut the door so she couldn't get out. What a stinker.

Yesterday we went to visit Laura and Sunny. Sunny was in her cage and Laura let her out at some point by saying "one, two, three" and then opened the door. Later when Sunny was back in her cage, Marco was sitting by it counting "one, two, three" not really understanding why the door wouldn't open.

Yesterday afternoon I gave Marco a mini cupcake (Liz and Vickie had brought those for him too). As he was eating he said "So, so yummy."

Right now he is standing next to me saying "What are you doing?" and commenting that "Piper's fast" because she is running around like crazy.

This morning he tripped and I didn't say anything because I was hoping he wouldn't make a big deal about it. He must have thought I didn't notice because he said "You okay?" So I asked if he was okay and he said yes.

Well, we are off to the park!

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Nicole said...

I am laughing out loud at that last one! You okay? Damn smart kid you got there! That is only going to lead to more fun!