Saturday, March 22, 2008

Flying High

A few weeks ago we took Marco to Disneyland. He learned about one of the downsides of the park... all the waiting. And I have to say, he didn't really take it so well.

He really wanted to go on rides, but the lines were so long, there was no way he could handle them. We were thinking to take him on Dumbo, but the wait was almost an hour, so instead we hung out by the exit and watched the elephants go by. Well, a very nice lady who was working on the Dumbo ride let Marco go in the exit and he didn't have to wait at all! While we were waiting for take off, he was so excited. He kept saying "Ready, set, go!"

When we had to get off the ride, he cried and cried. Later we took him on the Winnie the Pooh ride and he cried because we had to wait our turn to get on (maybe a 5 minute wait), he kept saying car. Then he cried as soon as we came outside of the ride doors, not even waiting until we actually had to get off. He knew it was coming.

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