Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Games People Play

Marco is really into playing games now. He loves to hide. He will hide behind his hands, under a blanket, behind a towel, in a box. Whatever is most convenient. He then expects you to ask "Where's Marco?" If you don't oblige, he will start saying "Marco, Marco, Marco" until you ask "Where's Marco?" He then shows himself, you exclaim on finding him, and repeat.

We took a shower today and he didn't want to get out after. He stayed in the shower and shut the door. He wanted to play Where's Marco, so I started pretending to look for him. I asked if Marco was in the bed, he said No. I continued asking other places and occasionally asking "Where's Marco?" At some point he responded "shower." After that I asked him what he was doing. I asked him if he was eating, no, sleeping, no, reading, no, stomping in the water, splashing water noises were my response. This went on for maybe 5 minutes. Including some peekaboo where he would open the door and then shut it.

He likes to play a game where I do signs and he tells me what I am signing. He has started playing dress up. Yesterday morning he came out of my bedroom with my bra around his neck and my sunglasses on. He then got my shoes. Today he wore my jacket for a while.

He plays a few different pretend games. Most common is pretending to sleep. He is always pretending to sleep complete with snoring. He also pretends to be a bear/dinosaur/tiger, any kind of growly animal, but not always the same. Sometimes he is a cow.

He really likes identifying things and he will keep repeating the name until acknowledged. He loves chase, ring around the rosie, ball, indentifying letters, counting (he now counts to 13, still not including 1), but best of all, he loves playing with friends.

Here is a fun picture from dinner last night. The first time he used corn holders.

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