Sunday, January 13, 2008

Having Some Fun

We have a few things to add to this update. First, Marco received a few more presents after returning to LA after Christmas. Mom & Dad got him a vacuum that looks exactly like our vacuum. This was a big hit.

Notice the big boy haircut!

Then last weekend we went to the Science Center. Here is Marco lifting up a truck.

Yesterday Jordan came over to play and boy did they have fun.

Today we met up with Jordan again and went to the zoo. Dad managed to get a few pictures of the kids while he was testing his new camera out on the animals.


Nicole said...

I need someone to clean my floors. Does Marco make house calls? :-)

I also love the devious look in Marco's eyes while Jordan is chasing him.

Glad you guys had fun.

tracy said...

What a lovely haircut, but i miss the nice flop he was sporting! We should get together soon.