Monday, April 27, 2009

Just Think About It

I have been meaning for a while to write down a few more of the funny things Marco says.

The other day when we were in the car Marco asked me what the names were of the people in the car in front of us. I told him I didn't know. His response... "Come on Mom. You know." This is funny to me for so many reasons. First, because it just sounds so adult and second because I am all powerful and must know everything.

He occasionally will say "What's the deal with that?"

A few weeks ago when I was putting him to bed he says to me "Just think about it." I asked him what I should think about. He didn't really know how to respond, so I told him I would think about it. That seemed to satisfy him.

One weekend we were getting ready to go to Disneyland to meet Grammy, Grandpa, Uncle Joey, Uncle Dan, and Uncle Ben. Marco was watching some tv and after his program was over he says to me. "Let's go to Disneyland Mommy. I'm ready now."

One morning I asked him what he wanted for breakfast. He said "A cookie!" I said no (surprise, surprise) and asked if he wanted cereal or a waffle. He said a waffle and after a cookie. Then he said "That's a good idea."

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