Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No, David!

No, David! is a book Marco's teacher reads him at school. One day I mentioned something to her that Marco had told me at home and she said, oh, he must have gotten that from No, David! She told me that the kids love this book and read along with her.

This weekend I looked it up on line and Marco saw the picture of the cover and got all excited and said he "needed" the No, David! book. I told him we would go to the library and get it this week.

Well, last night he reminded me that we had to go to the library to get No, David! So, after dinner we headed on down and it was the greatest experience. Marco asked the librarian for the book. She found it for him and when she handed it to him, he gave a little gasp and said "That's it!"

When we got home he ran to the couch to read his book and he read the whole thing. He practically knows it by heart. His excitement over this book was so wonderful to experience and filled me with so many emotions. I love watching my little boy grow up.

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Nicole said...

*sniff* this gave me goosebumps!