Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Toxic Synovitis

Doesn't that just sound horrible? As one friend said "Don't they know mothers and fathers can't handle names like that!"

On Sunday, Marco started complaining that his knee hurt. By the end of the day, he wouldn't walk more than one step. Yesterday, Alessandro took Marco to the pediatrician and Toxic Synovitis was the diagnosis. Apparently this is a type of arthritis that most commonly occurs after a child has had a viral infection.

The bum hip has gone just as quickly as it came. Although Marco woke up on Monday unwilling to walk (choosing to just sit on the floor instead of walk into the other room when prompted). I was told that he literally ran out of the pediatrician's office. We kept him home from school today just as a precaution, but according to the amount of havok he has been causing, this was probably a mistake on our part.


Nicole said...

Glad he is back to being a monkey and causing havoc! :-)

Cheryl Greene said...

We at DrGreene.com are glad everything worked out ok!