Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Marco is growing so fast and he does such funny little things. Every once in a while, I email myself so I won't forget them. Here is a sampling.

  • He calls Curious George, Monkious George
  • One evening I gave him strawberries cut in half and he insisted they were too big and made me cut them all into smaller pieces.
  • He got a little golf set and had been playing with Grandma and Grandpa. After they left, I played with him for the first time. I hit the ball and he said "Wow, great job Mommy!"
  • One morning when I told him I was going to go take a shower, he said "No stay here, watch cartoons." I then started clipping his toenails and he told me to go to the shower.
  • One day he saw ice cream on TV and asked for ice cream. I told him we only have ice cream at birthday parties. Shortly thereafter, while I was taking a shower, he came in crying about wanting a party.
  • Part of our bedtime routine is after I leave his room, I sing a song. When I stop, he will yell "Mommy, sing!," at times requesting specific songs. Sometimes I sing Frere Jacques and sometimes the English version, Brother John. He will ask for Frere Jacques, but when he wants me to sing the English version, he asks for Uncle Ben.

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