Monday, April 7, 2008

The Arrival

We got to Rome on Friday. Marco was very good on the flight. He jumped around a bit on the first flight, but never really cried (except the time he got hurt). He enjoyed watching the cartoons, we colored, played with some puzzles and some animals. He fell asleep around 10pm Los Angeles time and pretty much slept the rest of the flight (about 5 hours). We had a four hour lay over in Frankfurt (ugh). Marco was still pretty tired, so didn't run around too much. Mostly sat and played. On the second flight, he had a mini-tantrum right before we took off, but then fell asleep during take off, so it was just exhaustion. He slept the entire second flight waking only when I had to pick him up for landing.

When we arrived, Marco and I went out to great 'la famiglia' while Alessandro waited for our luggage. Marco was a bit overwhelmed. He was tired and there were a lot of people grabbing and kissing him. Nonna, Zio Massi, Luciana and Vicenzo greeted us at the airport.

After what seemed like forever in Friday evening traffic, we finally got to the house and some good food and a nice bed. Nonno was there waiting for us. Marco quickly made himself at home in Nonno's hat and slippers.

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Nicole said...

How adorable!!! Watch out girls he is a heart breaker!