Monday, March 10, 2008

Knock Knock

A want to jot down a few Marco-isms that I have recently noticed. He is starting to speak more and more in complete sentences or at least statements. For example, the other day he was hiding in the shower and I said "Where's Marco?" His response was "In the shower!"

He recently climbed onto the back of the couch where Yette basically lives (Yette was hiding since Marco was in the living room) and started meowing. I asked him if he was a kitty and he said yes. The pretending to be a kitty thing went a long way.

While not taking a nap today he tried to secure his release in a number of methods. At one point he started yelling "Mess, mommy, mess." I went to check in case it was something that needed to be dealt with, but it was just blocks that he knocked over, so I told him the mess was ok and left. About 30 minutes later he starts knocking on the door saying "Knock knock, mommy, knock knock." I guess that was in case I didn't hear the endless banging.

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Nicole said...


Mommy? Mommy?



If I yell loud enough will you get on a plane to come see the mess I made? Please!?!? :-)