Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Weekend

I never did write about our Easter weekend. I was just looking through the pictures Alessandro uploaded onto the computer and realize it was quite an eventful weekend. I am going to break this into a couple of posts since there are so many pictures.

On Saturday, we went to an Egg-stravaganza. Marco went in his first bounce house.

He was really excited to get inside, but then hated it and started crying. We had to quickly save him.

He saw the Easter Bunny.

Then he impatiently waited to hunt Easter eggs.

And they're off!

Marco collected about five eggs until he realized what was inside them. Then it was all over.


Nicole said...

*giggle* Once they find out what is inside the eggs it is all over! *giggle* (nice shirt!)

Mom said...

I thought you might approve of the shirt ;-)