Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Strange Night

Last night was full of firsts. Marco went to bed around 7:30. It went well, but he fell asleep holding a book. Then he woke up around 11:15. I went in and he asked for water and then to eat. I caved on the water, which he proceeded to spill all over himself and some on the bed. I changed his pjs, but all the commotion caused him to be a little more awake than normal, so it took him a while to fall back to sleep. (Not to mention Piper roaming around the room meowing and rustling the blinds.) I fell asleep in his room, waking up around 1:30. Around 4:45 I hear him wake up, kind of whining. He got up, shut his door and then went back to bed. Alessandro checked and he had fallen back asleep. Then at 7 he woke up crying in his bed, but not actually getting up. Alessandro went and brought him to our room, but he was upset and still half asleep. He did fall back asleep with us for a bit though. All in all, a strange night.

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